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A Day at Work (Part 2 of 3) - To the Point: Heeltote.com at Fashion Drawing Session with Ralph Lauren Illustrator

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WHAT: Fashion Drawing Session 2014

WHEN: July 19, 2014 at 1:00PM to 4:00PM, August 3 and 17, 2014 at 3:30PM to 6:30PM

WHERE: Ripley-Grier Studios in NYC


This is heeltote.com and, if you have not noticed I'm fond of shoes, so when I was asked to bring wedges I just happened to own several pair of wedge shoes from the Ralph Lauren Collection so I decided to bring in pairs of my shoes from my personal collection for sessions one and two of the Fashion Drawing Sessions.  Contact me to get personal online shopping advice.

Ripley-Grier Studios FDS attendees «                              heeltote.com
             Ripley-Grier Studios FDS attendees
Pair 1                                  Wedge shoe from personal collection «                                  heeltote.com
Pair 1 Wedge shoe
Pair 2 Wedge shoe from personal                                  collection « heeltote.com
Pair 2 Wedge shoe
Ripley-Grier Studios                        in NYC « heeltote.com
            Ripley-Grier Studios in NYC

Each job has it's dynamics.  On heeltote.com, I will answer the series of questions in the context of working with Ralph Lauren consulting designer and illustrator Renaldo Barnette at a Fashion Drawing Session in this heeltote.com event review A Day at Work - To the Point

And since
my inaugural review on heeltote.com was inspired by my experience at a Lauren Ralph Lauren fashion show I could not resist writing about this experience.  See Part 3.  

RG Sherry, Renaldo «                                  heeltote.comRG Brandon usie « heeltote.com
RG Sherry, Renaldo   RG Brandon, Me 

For session two I also brought and wore boots from another brand, United Nude, that I thought the attendees would like to draw and surely they got a kick out of the boots - more about those boots some other time.

At session two with the offer for the third booking it occurred to me, in that excited to present way, that I'm working with Ralph Lauren illustrator Renaldo Barnette    

Hopefully you've gotten the point that my job is not about just standing there.

...of the iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren, so what do you think this Ralph Lauren fan/shopper from NYC did?  I decided to share my experience through A Day at Work - To the Point on heeltote.com of course! Now on to the other questions and answers.

Q.    Heeltote:    What is it like standing there?

A.    Heeltote:    Hopefully you've gotten the point that my job is not about just standing there as some may say.  Many times I pull the clothes and haul the wardrobe over to the job but be sure to know I enjoy every moment of it especially when the items I bring inspire the people drawing them...and I have not even begun to discuss the posing.

The poses come from a combination of necessity and experience.  We tend to start with gesture drawings in leotard for warm-up and then move on to the looks.  On these types of jobs, often times I'm told or I know the general direction to pose in and then we find a pose to work with.  On these jobs, I've noticed that Renaldo seems to understand and appreciate the naturally elongated figure I have as a real fashion model and he demonstrates that in his illustrations.

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